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......@@ -16,3 +16,42 @@ npm start
npm start
## Files
./LICENSE : MIT License
./config : directory with config files
./config/API.js : Concern the configuration of the API
./config/DB.js : Concern the configuration of the DB connection (mongo)
./controllers : Controlers are functions used in the API
./controllers/SurveyController.js : Functions used for surveys
./controllers/TokenController.js: Functions used for token
./controllers/UserController.js : Functions used for users
./filename.txt : this file list generated using tree -ifI node_modules > filename.txt
./helpers : function used for adding functionnalities
./helpers/errors.js : not used
./index.js : main file, used to initiate the API server
./middleware : function used between functions
./middleware/auth.js : manages authentification headers
./middleware/errorHandler.js : not used
./models : mongo database model definition
./models/AdminUserModel.js : model for users
./models/SurveyLanguageModel.js : model for languages (template and translation)
./models/SurveyModel.js : models for surveys
./models/TokenModel.js : model for token
./package-lock.json : npm file for managing packages
./package.json : npm list of command and packages installed for this project
./public : external file needed or generated (for ex uploaded)
./public/template/LanguageDef.json : template variable file definition (loaded if corresponding database is empty)
./public/template/LanguageTrans.json translation variable file definition (loaded if corresponding database is empty)
./public/uploads : not used
./routes : contains the different possible routes for the API
./routes/AdminUserRoute.js : route for users
./routes/Route.js : generic route
./routes/SurveyRoute.js : route for survey
./routes/TokenRoute.js : route for token
./ : server starting script
9 directories, 25 files
9 directories, 25 files
......@@ -15,7 +15,8 @@ const text = new Schema({
const textcaption = new Schema({
......@@ -422,5 +422,29 @@
"createdAt": "2021-04-21T12:32:58.233Z",
"updatedAt": "2021-04-21T12:32:58.233Z",
"id": "60801b7a060518b4673fbc76"
"type": "String",
"description": "Text Added on top of worst composition on SWING",
"createdAt": "2021-06-18T13:20:40.229Z",
"updatedAt": "2021-06-18T13:20:40.229Z",
"id": "60cc9da83152828242fcf7d4"
"type": "String",
"field": "HELPBTN",
"description": "Help Btn on Swing and Tradeoff",
"createdAt": "2021-06-18T19:53:33.647Z",
"updatedAt": "2021-06-18T19:53:33.647Z",
"id": "60ccf9bd3152828242fcf82d"
"type": "html",
"description": "Text below prediction matrix in rational conclusion",
"createdAt": "2021-06-21T13:40:41.087Z",
"updatedAt": "2021-06-21T13:40:41.087Z",
"id": "60d096d93152828242fcf866"
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