Commit 9ce53205 authored by haemmer's avatar haemmer

Updated changes

parent 79e53ba6
......@@ -41,7 +41,11 @@ SWITCHwayf Version History
WAYF to show last n used IdPs at top of drop down list. Default is 3.
- Added Embedded WAYF option wayf_overwrite_from_other_federations_text
to overwrite the category name of IdPs from other federations
- Added Embedded WAYF option wayf_auto_redirect_if_logged_in that
automatically sends a user to the wayf_return_url if he already is
- Various Javascript improvements to offload computation from WAYF to client
and to improve the code quality.
- Replaced the term 'Home Organisation' in the language strings to more
generic terms that probably are better understood by users.
- SP names from MDUI metadata elements are now used if available
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