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......@@ -31,6 +31,15 @@ necessary for such releases.
SWITCHwayf Version History
* Version 1.19.1 - Release date: XX. November 2013
- Fixed a bug that listed the last used IdPs in wrong order
- Fixed a bug where Identity Providers would not be shown in the drop-down
list unless there was at least one entry in IDProviders.conf.php
- The default category 'unknown' is now also shown in case the last used
category is displayed.
- Saved one click to permanently save a default organisation.
- Changed some language strings
* Version 1.19 - Release date: 29. October 2013
- Added search-as-you-type support to Embedded WAYF. This feature is off by
default as it is currently experimental. Can be activated with:
......@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@ Some of the Features:
- Supports Discovery Service and the Shibboleth authentication request protocol
- Supports processing SAML2 metadata files
- The central Discovery Service also works without Java Script
- Search-as-you type or selection from a list of organisations
- Various customizations options for header, footer, language strings etc.
- I18N support, currently language packs for en, de, it, fr and some other
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