Commit cf7ea6b7 authored by dmattek's avatar dmattek

Added cluster validation tab

parent ac46afa9
...@@ -13,5 +13,6 @@ source('modules/clDistPlot.R') ...@@ -13,5 +13,6 @@ source('modules/clDistPlot.R')
source('modules/tabScatter.R') source('modules/tabScatter.R')
source('modules/tabDist.R') source('modules/tabDist.R')
source('modules/tabAUC.R') source('modules/tabAUC.R')
source('modules/tabClHier.R') source('modules/tabClHier.R')
source('modules/tabClHierSpar.R') source('modules/tabClHierSpar.R')
\ No newline at end of file
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