Commit 1132a222 authored by Thomas Bernhart's avatar Thomas Bernhart
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Only parse xml files during media_export

parent 4c9d5d11
import logging
from glob import glob
from os import listdir, makedirs, path, walk
from shutil import copy2
from import MediaFileSearcher
......@@ -92,7 +93,7 @@ def foxml_export(objectstore_path, output_path, recordsets_csv_file):
def media_export(record_set_path, datastreamstore_path, http_files_path, rtmp_files_path):
logger = _create_logger("media_export", path.join(record_set_path, "media_export.log"))
for foxml_file in listdir(record_set_path):
for foxml_file in glob(path.join(record_set_path, "*.xml")):
foxml_path = path.join(record_set_path, foxml_file)
logger.debug("Exporting media files for file: '" + foxml_path + "'")
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