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check file type as well

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......@@ -276,8 +276,8 @@ func (iai *ActionImageIIIF) cacheThumbnail(imageBuf []byte, me *MediaEntry) (boo
if l := len(imageBuf); l < 1024 {"Length of %v (%v) is too small to reasonable be a thumbnail", cachedUri, l)
return false, nil
} else {"Length of %v: %v", cachedUri, len(imageBuf))
} else if mimetype := http.DetectContentType(imageBuf); mimetype != "image/jpeg" && mimetype != "image/png" {"File %v doesn't seem to be an image file: %v", cachedUri, mimetype)
f, err := os.Create(cachedUri)
if err != nil {
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