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changed default OAI metadata format

additional example for kafkacat import
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......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ Export des topic
kafkacat -C -b mb-ka1:9092 -t fedora-output-json-records -K '\t' -o beginning | gzip > fedora-output1.json.gz
Import des topic
docker run --rm -v /home/swissbib/environment/code/repositories/memoriav/gitlab/services/postprocessing/rico-edm-transformer/data:/data -it --network host edenhill/kafkacat:1.6.0 -P -b VPN:9092 -t fedora-output-json-records -K '\t' -l /data/fedora-output1.json
docker run --rm -v /home/swissbib/environment/code/repositories/memoriav/gitlab/services/postprocessing/rico-edm-transformer/data:/data -it --network host edenhill/kafkacat:1.6.0 -P -b VPN:9092 -t fedora-output-json-records1 -K '\t' -l /data/fedora-output-20210409.json
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ object ModelXMLTransformer {
recordset: List[String],
institution: List[String],
published: Boolean = true,
format: String = "EDM",
format: String = "edm",
): String = {
val sOut = new StringWriter
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