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Commit 4281ab02 authored by Günter Hipler's avatar Günter Hipler
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more testdata and some notes

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......@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@ kafkacat -b localhost:9092 -t <my_topic> -T -P -l /tmp/msgs
Export des topic
kafkacat -C -b mb-ka1:9092 -t fedora-output-json-records -K '\t' -o beginning | gzip > fedora-output1.json.gz
kafkacat -L -b dd-ka1:9092 -t fedora-output-json-records -K '\t' -o beginning | gzip > fedora-output1.json.gz
Import des topic
docker run --rm -v /home/swissbib/environment/code/repositories/memoriav/gitlab/services/postprocessing/rico-edm-transformer/data:/data -it --network host edenhill/kafkacat:1.6.0 -P -b VPN:9092 -t fedora-output-json-records1 -K '\t' -l /data/fedora-output-20210409.json
doppelte Einträge für die Indexierung ok??
{"id" : "rxb-003-D0023240D63E9125D22535201_mpg", "message" : "", "status" : "SUCCESS", "step" : "indexer-oai-v2", "timestamp" : "2021-03-22T17:39:24.711"}
{"id" : "rxb-003-D0023240D63E9125D22535201_mpg", "message" : "", "status" : "SUCCESS", "step" : "indexer-oai-v2", "timestamp" : "2021-03-22T17:39:42.178"}
bei medium erscheint: http://www.wikidata.org/entity/Q194383
\ No newline at end of file
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