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# Fedora Media File Extractor
The Fedora Media File Extractor is an intermediary service which takes care of media file postprocessing
upon receiving notifications on changes in the Fedora repository. More precisely, the service
1. extracts the path to the media file from the Fedora API based on the received ID
2. transcodes this file if required (e.g. jpg -> jp2),
3. copies the file to a designated directory accessible by the mediaserver or the Cantaloupe IIIF imageserver and
4. updates the Mediaserver database with the path to the copied file.
## Components
The service is packaged as a Docker image. It comprises the following components:
- The main application, responsible for communicating with [Kafka](https://kafka.apache.org),
[Fedora](https://duraspace.org/fedora/) and the
[Mediaserver](https://gitlab.switch.ch/memoriav/memobase-2020/services/streaming-server) DB as well as handling the
media files
- ffmpeg for transcoding video and audio
- imagemagick for transcoding images
For a comprehensive list consult the [Dockerfile](./Dockerfile).
## Configuration
In order to configure the application, you can either modify the commented
[example configuration file](./src/main/resources/app.yml) and deploy it as a configuration in your cluster or set the
respective environment variables. For a comprehensive list of possible variables for the Kafka producer settings see
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