Commit eb5fff02 authored by Jonas Waeber's avatar Jonas Waeber
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Change internal config.

This is the config usable in production.
parent c6284040
sftp: sftp:
host: host: ${SFTP_HOST:?env}
port: "22" port: ${SFTP_PORT:?env}
user: mb_sftp user: ${SFTP_USER:?env}
password: ${SFTP_PASSWORD:?nopass} password: ${SFTP_PASSWORD:?env}
fingerprint: ${HOST_KEY_VERIFIER:?nofinger} fingerprint: ${HOST_KEY_VERIFIER:?env}
app: app:
directory: ./test_institution_1/test_record_set_1 directory: ${APP_DIRECTORY:?env}
kafka: kafka:
producer: producer:
bootstrap.servers: localhost:9092 bootstrap.servers: ${PROD_KAFKA_SERVERS:?env} sftp-reader-p1-j1 ${CLIENT_ID:?env}
topic: topic:
out: process-1-job-1-sftp-validated-files out: ${CLIENT_ID:?env}
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