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......@@ -12,27 +12,23 @@ Checks the files present in the `` folder on the sFTP server.
### Requirements
- Execute command `./gradlew addKtlintFormatGitPreCommitHook`
- Access to a Kafka Server
- Access to a SFTP Server
- Set environment variable $SFTP_PASSWORD
- Set environment variable $HOST_KEY_VERIFIER (fingerprint is posted in the logs when running the connection for the first time.)
### Configuration
host: <host-name>
port: "22"
user: <user-name>
password: ${SFTP_PASSWORD:?nopass}
fingerprint: ${HOST_KEY_VERIFIER:?nofinger}
host: localhost
port: 22000
user: user
password: password
directory: ./test_institution_1/test_record_set_1
directory: /memobase/test_institution_1/test_record_set_1
bootstrap.servers: localhost:9092
bootstrap.servers: localhost:12345 sftp-reader-p1-j1
value.serializer: "org.apache.kafka.common.serialization.StringSerializer"
out: process-1-job-1-sftp-reader
out: sftp-reader-p1-j1
......@@ -35,7 +35,6 @@ class Producer(props: Properties, private val topic: String) : Closeable {
fun sendMessage(key: String, message: String, format: String) {"Sending message $message to $topic.")
instance.send(ProducerRecord(topic, key, JsonObject(mapOf(Pair("path", message), Pair("format", format))).toJsonString()))
count += 1
......@@ -46,7 +45,6 @@ class Producer(props: Properties, private val topic: String) : Closeable {
override fun close() {
// TODO: Add report for messages sent count.
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