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## Text File validation Service
## Text File Validation Service
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Checks the files present in the `` folder on the sFTP server.
A service which checks the provided metadata files on the SFTP server. The location is
found based on the system environment (prod,stage,test) and the provided record set id.
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### Current Features
### What does it do?
- Check if files are CSV or TSV
- Check if CSV and TSV files are formatted correctly.
- Send sftp paths to kafka for further processing.
The service loops through each file on the SFTP server in the record set folder. For each of those
files the extension is checked. If the extension matches a known file type, the file is parsed.
### Requirements
- Execute command `./gradlew addKtlintFormatGitPreCommitHook`
### Configuration
host: localhost
port: 22000
user: user
password: password
directory: /memobase/test_institution_1/test_record_set_1
bootstrap.servers: localhost:12345 sftp-reader-p1-j1
value.serializer: "org.apache.kafka.common.serialization.StringSerializer"
out: sftp-reader-p1-j1
On Fail:
- Send report with status FATAL and error message. Error message templates
can be found in [ReportMessages](src/main/kotlin/ReportMessages.kt)
On Success:
- Send report with status SUCCESS
- Send a message to output topic with file type and absolute path to file as content.
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