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Add transformation for illegal characters in filenames.

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......@@ -454,13 +454,14 @@ class KafkaTopology(private val settings: SettingsLoader) {
type: String,
originalIdentifierValue: String
): String? {
val transformedIdentifierValue = UtilityFunctions.transformIllegalFilenameCharacters(originalIdentifierValue)
for (extension in fileExtensions) {
val filePath = "$sftpBasePath/$recordSetId/$type/$originalIdentifierValue.$extension"
val filePath = "$sftpBasePath/$recordSetId/$type/$transformedIdentifierValue.$extension"
if (sftpClient.exists(filePath)) {
return "${Constant.sftpPathPrefix}$filePath"
}"No media file found. Tried $sftpBasePath/$recordSetId/$type/$originalIdentifierValue.{${fileExtensions.joinToString()}}")"No media file found. Tried $sftpBasePath/$recordSetId/$type/$transformedIdentifierValue.{${fileExtensions.joinToString()}}")
return null
package org.memobase
object UtilityFunctions {
* This utility function is used to replace illegal characters which cannot be used in filenames.
fun transformIllegalFilenameCharacters(input: String): String {
return input.replace("/", "_")
\ No newline at end of file
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