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# Import Api App
### Import Process API Service
This service serves as a bridge between Drupal and the backend services of
API to start, stop, manage import processes for memobase. Will be used in the Admin Interface (Drupal).
Check the /apidocs endpoint for the Swagger generated documentation.
Check swagger for documentation of implemented endpoints.
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[Confluence Doku](
- `KAFKA_BOOTSTRAP_SERVERS`: Kafka bootstrap server string used by the service.
- `DRUPAL_USERNAME`: Username for the basic auth of Drupal.
- `DRUPAL_PASSWORD`: Password for the basic auth of Drupal.
- `DRUPAL_API_KEY`: Used to access the Drupal JSON API.
- `ENV`: The environment the deployment is running in.
- `IMPORT_API_URL`: The base URL of this service.
- `DRUPAL_API_URL`: The base URL of the drupal instance this service should communicate with.
- `TOPIC_CONFIGS`: The topic where this service sends the pipeline configurations to.
- `TOPIC_DRUPAL_EXPORT`: This topic defines where the service sends the institutions and record sets to.
- `CLEAR_CACHE_URL`: Drupal Endpoint URL to clear the local cache.
- `LOG_LEVEL`: Application log level: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING or ERROR
- Text File Validation Service Configs:
- `TFV_KAFKA_SERVER_CONFIGS`: The kafka bootstrap server configmap name.
- `TFV_SFTP_CONFIGS`: The configmap name of the sftp server configs.
- `TFV_TOPIC_NAME`: Topic name where the messages are sent to.
- `TFV_REPORTING_TOPIC_NAME`: Topic name where the reports are sent to.
- sFTP Settings
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