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Commit ef155f59 authored by Matthias's avatar Matthias
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distinguish config-directory depending on environment

parent 76da8caf
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......@@ -63,7 +63,14 @@ class FetchMappingFile(Resource):
sftp_client = ssh_client.open_sftp()
for fileName in ['mapping.yml', 'transform.xslt', 'localTransforms.yml']:
remote_path = '/swissbib_index/mb_sftp/' + recordset_id + '/config/' + fileName
configDirectory = 'config'
if current_app.config['env'] == 'stage':
configDirectory = 'config-stage'
elif current_app.config['env'] == 'test':
configDirectory = 'config-test'
remote_path = '/swissbib_index/mb_sftp/' + recordset_id +\
'/' + configDirectory + '/' + fileName
remote_file = sftp_client.file(remote_path, 'r')
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