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Commit dafc4b0a authored by Jonas Waeber's avatar Jonas Waeber
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Remove obsolete class.

parent fe2848f2
from flask_restful import Resource, current_app
import jsonapi_requests
class ReadJobOptionsFromDrupal(Resource):
def get(self, job_name, job_drupal_uuid):
Read the options from Drupal based on a job uuid and transform it to camel case
- Drupal
- in: path
type: string
name: job_name
default: table-data-transform
enum: ['text-file-validation', 'table-data-transform', 'xml-data-transform',
'mapper-service','media-linker', 'media-metadata-extractor', 'normalization-service',
required: true
- in: path
type: string
name: job_drupal_uuid
description: The drupal uuid of the paragraph describing this job
default: 481790a3-8ba2-4fd7-95b4-c3a17f08d7d1
description: The job parameters
# todo use more standard requests library
# (as in the write endpoint) instead of jsonapi_requests
api = jsonapi_requests.Api.config({
'API_ROOT': current_app.config['drupal-api-url'] + '/jsonapi',
# 'AUTH': ('basic_auth_login', 'basic_auth_password'),
# in drupal job names have underscores instead of -
job_name = job_name.replace("-", "_")
endpoint = api.endpoint(
response = endpoint.get()
except Exception:
"It was not possible to read from Drupal API"
return {
'error': 'It was not possible to read from Drupal API'
}, 500
result = {}
for key, value in response.data.attributes.items():
if key.startswith('field_'):
result[to_camel_case(key[6:])] = value
return result
def to_camel_case(snake_str):
components = snake_str.split('_')
# We capitalize the first letter of each component except the first one
# with the 'title' method and join them together.
return components[0] + ''.join(x.title() for x in components[1:])
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