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change writejobresultstodrupal to receive data in post-body

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from flask_restful import Resource
from flask_restful import Resource, request
from import_api_app.helpers.Drupal import write_results
from import_api_app.helpers.Error import ImportApiError
class WriteJobResultToDrupal(Resource):
def post(self, job_log_drupal_uuid, report):
def post(self, job_log_drupal_uuid):
Write the job summary to Drupal job log (in field_summary)
......@@ -18,12 +18,16 @@ class WriteJobResultToDrupal(Resource):
description: job log uuid
default: 2b07341f-3b99-408c-a729-6e18dd77c6d5
type: string
- in: path
name: report
- in: body
name: body
required: true
description: The report that will be written
default: This was a huge success !
type: string
id: report
type: string
example: reporting json...
description: The aggregated report of an import
description: It was successful
......@@ -33,6 +37,7 @@ class WriteJobResultToDrupal(Resource):
description: There was a problem
report = request.json['report']
return write_results(job_log_drupal_uuid, report)
except ImportApiError as e:
return {'error': e.message}, 500
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