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import time
from flask_restful import Resource, reqparse, current_app
from flasgger import swag_from
from import_api_app.models.Error import ImportApiError
from import_api_app.resources.KafkaTopics import create_topics
from import_api_app.resources.HelmStart import start
from import_api_app.resources.JobReport import get_report
from import_api_app.resources.WriteJobResultsToDrupal import write_results
from import_api_app.models.Drupal import update_status
from kubernetes import client
from threading import Thread
import time
import requests
import yaml
import json
......@@ -61,7 +56,6 @@ class JobStart(Resource):
# mapping_file_url = '' +\
# job_parameters['recordSetId'] + '/' + 'mapping.yml'
response = requests.get(mapping_file_url)
mapping_file_content = response.content
mapping_file_content = yaml.dump(json.loads(mapping_file_content))
config_map_name = process_id+"-mapper-service-mapping-config"
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