Commit ee79d252 authored by Thomas Bernhart's avatar Thomas Bernhart
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Remove unnused import and fix formatting in RdfHandler

parent ac15ed9b
......@@ -12,14 +12,13 @@ import org.apache.log4j.LogManager
import org.memobase.rdf.EBUCORE
import org.memobase.rdf.RDF
import org.memobase.rdf.RICO
class RdfHandler(data: String, private val externalBaseUrl: String) {
private val log = LogManager.getLogger("IngestRdfHandler")
private val model = ModelFactory.createDefaultModel()
init {, ByteArrayInputStream(data.toByteArray()) , Lang.NTRIPLES), ByteArrayInputStream(data.toByteArray()), Lang.NTRIPLES)
fun getRecord(): Pair<String, Model> {
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