Commit c59981d1 authored by Thomas Bernhart's avatar Thomas Bernhart
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MEMO-899: Adapt logging during ingest of records

parent 6237478c
......@@ -48,8 +48,6 @@ class Ingester(
val data = recordOutput.toString()
fedoraClient.startTransaction().use { transaction ->"Ingesting record ${recordPair.first}.")
// create placeholders referenced resources:
val nonBinaryResources = rdfHandler.getReferencedNonBinaryResources()
nonBinaryResources.forEach { resource ->
......@@ -59,15 +57,17 @@ class Ingester(
// ingest record, instantiations and binaries:"Ingesting record ${recordPair.first}.")
transaction.createOrUpdateRdfResource(URI(recordPair.first), data, RdfContentTypes.NTRIPLES)"Ingested record ${recordPair.first}.")
ingestInstantiations(rdfHandler.getInstantiations(), transaction)
val sftpLocators = rdfHandler.getSftpLocators()
if (sftpLocators.isNotEmpty()) {
ingestBinaries(sftpLocators, rdfHandler, transaction)
transaction.commit()"Ingested record ${recordPair.first}.")
}"End ingest of message with id $id.")
private fun ingestInstantiations(instantiations: List<Pair<String, Model>>, transaction: FedoraTransactionClient) {
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