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fix topic names for test env #2

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deploymentName: gi-es-record-sets-transformer-test
outputTopic: mb-gi-frontend-es-record-sets-test
inputTopic: mb-gi-processed-record-sets-test
reportingTopic: mb-di-reporting-test
outputTopic: mb-gi-frontend-es-record-sets-prod
inputTopic: mb-gi-processed-record-sets-prod
reportingTopic: mb-di-reporting-prod
mediaServerUrl: https://media-test.memobase.k8s.unibas.ch/memo/
updateTopic: mb-gi-frontend-record-set-updates-test
updateTopic: mb-gi-frontend-record-set-updates-prod
instutionTypeLabels: test-institution-type-labels
documentTypeLabels: test-document-type-labels
......@@ -18,4 +18,4 @@ recordSetIndexSource: test-record-sets-index
kafkaConfigs: test-kafka-bootstrap-servers
elasticConfigs: test-elastic-configs
env: test
\ No newline at end of file
env: test
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