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Add logging to comparison

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......@@ -223,9 +223,15 @@ class KafkaTopology(
) {
val currentInstitutions =
elasticSearchWrapper.getExtraInstitutionsFromRecordSet(recordSetId, targetField)
return if (newInstitutions.containsAll(currentInstitutions) &&
) {
"Comparing the following lists: Current Institutions: $currentInstitutions; " +
"New Institutions: $newInstitutions."
val newHasAll = newInstitutions.containsAll(currentInstitutions)
val currentHasAll = currentInstitutions.containsAll(newInstitutions)"New Has ALl: $newHasAll")"Current has all: $currentHasAll")
return if (newHasAll && currentHasAll) {"No update for $targetField for $recordSetId as they are already current.")
} else {"Updating field $targetField for $recordSetId with $newInstitutions.")
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