Commit 5086c0d4 authored by Jonas Waeber's avatar Jonas Waeber
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Expand Search Doc to include instantiations fields

parent 81fc5335
......@@ -81,5 +81,28 @@ data class SearchDoc(
val institution: List<NameContainer>,
val recordSet: NameContainer,
val memoriavClaim: Boolean
val memoriavClaim: Boolean,
// Digital Object
val durationDigital: List<String>,
val colourDigital: List<String>,
val locator: List<String>,
val accessDigital: List<String>,
val usageDigital: List<String>,
val usageDigitalGroup: List<String>,
val digitalObjectNote: List<LanguageContainer>,
val usageConditionsDigital: List<LanguageContainer>,
// Physical Object
val durationPhysical: List<String>,
val callNumber: List<String>,
val accessPhysical: List<String>,
val usagePhysical: List<String>,
val physicalCharacteristics: List<LanguageContainer>,
val colourPhysical: List<LanguageContainer>,
val usageConditionsPhysical: List<LanguageContainer>,
val physicalObjectNote: List<LanguageContainer>,
// Combined
val access: List<String>
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