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This repository provides the Dockerfiles for creating Docker images of
[Cantaloupe](, a IIIF imageserver.
## Run container
docker run --name cantaloupe --rm -d -p8182:8182 -v<path_to_host_image_folder>:/home/cantaloupe/images cantaloupe:<version>
You need at least to open a port for communication (image delivery and
optionally communication via REST API and admin UI) and a folder where you
keep your media files.
## Version management
This repository will eventually comprise Dockerfiles for different releases of
......@@ -18,6 +28,26 @@ use the already compiled code (see
[releases]( section of the
Cantaloupe repository for more information).
Additionally all versions come in a range of "flavors" which represent
different combinations of processors (additional programs / libraries used for
image processing). Available processors are `ffmpeg` (for video), `kakadu` and
`openjpeg` for JPEG2000 (the former proprietary, the latter free software) and
`graphicsmagick`. If you need another combination or replace `graphicsmagick`
with `imagemagick` see below.
Readily available flavors:
- `<version>-all`: `ffmpeg`, `kakadu`, `graphicsmagick`
- `<version>-all-free`: `ffmpeg`, `kakadu`, `graphicsmagick`
- `<version>-images`: `graphicsmagick`
- `<version>-images-jp2`: `kakadu`, `graphicsmagick`
- `<version>-images-jp2-free`: `openjpeg`, `graphicsmagick`
- `<version>-jp2`: `kakadu`
- `<version>-jp2-free`: `openjpeg`
- `<version>-vanilla`: no additional processors
- `<version>-video`: `ffmpeg`
## Configuration
You have different options to change the default configuration of Cantaloupe.
......@@ -34,12 +64,7 @@ Notice that some changes can affect the overall working of the container
uppercase letters, `.` being replaced by `_` (e.g. `https.key_store_path` ->
docker run --name cantaloupe --rm -d -p8182:8182 -v<path_to_host_image_folder>:/home/cantaloupe/images cantaloupe:<tag>
### Processor support
### Reconfigure Processor support
Cantaloupe supports different backends for processing media resources.
To keep the image small, none of these processors is enabled in the image per
......@@ -59,7 +84,7 @@ see below):
docker run --name cantaloupe --rm -d -p8182:8182 -v<path_to_host_image_folder>:/home/cantaloupe/images -e BUILD_WITH="ffmpeg imagemagick" cantaloupe:<tag>
### With Redis
### Use with Redis
Cantaloupe supports [Redis]( as an external key-value store for caching.
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