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Unverified Commit b3b0acaa authored by Sebastian Schüpbach's avatar Sebastian Schüpbach
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fix heapsize syntax

parent c1c7081e
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......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ ADD ./ /cantaloupe/
FROM openjdk:11-jre-slim
ENTRYPOINT ["/home/cantaloupe/", "4.1.7"]
CMD ["-Dcantaloupe.config=/home/cantaloupe/app/", "-Xmx4g", "-Xms 800m"]
CMD ["-Dcantaloupe.config=/home/cantaloupe/app/", "-Xmx4g", "-Xms 800M"]
HEALTHCHECK --start-period=30s CMD curl -sf${HTTP_PORT} -o /dev/null || exit 1
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