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......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ ADD ./ /cantaloupe/
FROM openjdk:16-slim-buster
# Change the version argument according to the cantaloupe version
ENTRYPOINT ["/home/cantaloupe/", "5.0.3"]
CMD ["-Dcantaloupe.config=/home/cantaloupe/app/", "-Xmx4g", "-Xms800m"]
CMD ["-Dcantaloupe.config=/home/cantaloupe/app/"]
HEALTHCHECK --start-period=30s CMD curl -sf${HTTP_PORT} -o /dev/null || exit 1
......@@ -13,25 +13,37 @@ You need at least to open a port for communication (image delivery and
optionally communication via REST API and admin UI) and a folder where you
keep your media files.
### Helm charts
For the purpose of running Cantaloupe container inside the Kubernetes cluster
used for Memobase, there are some Helm charts available in the `helm-charts/`
directory. If you want to deploy a container to Kubernetes in another context,
these charts can probably be used as a starting point for your own setup.
## Version management
This repository will eventually comprise Dockerfiles for different
master versions of
the application. In order to build an image out of a specific version, use the
respective branch (e.g. `4.x`). The Docker image tags correspond to the
branch names / version numbers, so in order to use the 4.x-version of the
application, pull the image with tag `4.x`. The `latest` tag is identical to
the last development version, which means reflecting the `develop` branch of
the Cantaloupe [repository](
as well as of this repository. This latest version in insofar special because
the Docker image is directly built from the sources while all other releases
use the already compiled code (see
[releases]( section of the
Cantaloupe repository for more information).
Additionally all versions come in a range of "flavors" which represent
different combinations of processors (additional programs / libraries used for
image processing). Available processors are `ffmpeg` (for video), `kakadu` and
This repository offers Docker images for different master versions of
the Cantaloupe. Additionally, all versions come in a range of "flavors" which
represent some combinations of processors. For a comprehensive list see the
### Cantaloupe versions
In order to build an image out of a specific version, use the
respective branch. At the moment, there are branches for the two latest major
versions of Cantaloupe: `4.x` and `5.x`. This naming convention is the same as
used for the image tags. The `latest` image tag points to the branch with the
latest stable major version of Cantaloupe, that means as of today to `5.x`.
Duly updated, the branches use the latest minor versions of the respective
major version of Cantaloupe:
- `4.x` -> `4.1.9`
- `5.x.` -> `5.0.3`
### Processor versions
Available processors are `ffmpeg` (for video), `kakadu` and
`openjpeg` for JPEG2000 (the former proprietary, the latter free software) and
`graphicsmagick`. If you need another combination or replace `graphicsmagick`
with `imagemagick` see below.
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