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......@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@ Notice that some changes can affect the overall working of the container
uppercase letters, `.` being replaced by `_` (e.g. `https.key_store_path` ->
### Use with Redis
### Example: Use with Redis
Cantaloupe supports [Redis]( as an external key-value store for caching.
......@@ -102,3 +102,13 @@ docker run -d --name cantaloupe \
-v<path_to_host_image_folder>:/home/cantaloupe/images \
## Hacking Docker Images
Because of the relatively wide variety of possible Docker images, the `Dockerimage` as basis for the build is generated dynamically during the CI/CD process. A small executable `generate-dockerfile` in the root directory helps to produce the target Dockerfile out of a [template](./Dockerfile.template).
You have different options to hack the Docker image generation:
* Call the executable with custom parameters. See [`.gitlab-ci.yml`](./gitlab-ci.yml) for a few ideas.
* Change the template: The template uses a few simple statements from the [tera template language](
* Adapt the executable directly. You can find the source code in the directory [`generate-dockerfile-src`](./generate-dockerfile-src).
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