Commit 09c57a88 authored by Jonas Waeber's avatar Jonas Waeber
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Fix resource builder input type.

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......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ import ch.memobase.mapping.fields.MappedAnnotationField
import mapping.MapperConfiguration
class ResourceBuilder(
private val source: Map<String, String>,
private val source: Map<String, Any>,
private val config: MapperConfiguration,
private val institutionId: String,
private val recordSetId: String,
......@@ -53,8 +53,8 @@ class ResourceBuilder(
fun extractRecordTypeValue(): ResourceBuilder {
recordTypeValue = when (val recordType = config.recordType) {
is MappedAnnotationField -> source[recordType.field].let {
if (it.isNullOrEmpty()) {
errorMessage = "No type for record in field '${recordType.field} for source $source."
if (it !is String) {
errorMessage = "No type for record in field '${recordType.field}' for source $source."
} else {
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