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__author__ = 'Samuel Derwort'
class Config(object):
"""Configuration for and the abm_prototype model."""
def __init__(self):
# for
self.input_folder = 'C:/Users/Samuel/Documents/ETHZ/Masterarbeit/ABM_CSO/Input'
self.output_folder = 'C:/Users/Samuel/Documents/ETHZ/Masterarbeit/ABM_CSO/Output'
self.output_crs = 'epsg:2056'
self.intersection_area_tol = 100000 # Tolerance for overlapping area between catchment area and municipality, m2
# for the abm prototype model
self.model_input_folder = self.output_folder # the input for the model is the output of
self.input_file_tbl = '{0}/{1}'.format(self.model_input_folder, 'cache.h5')
self.input_file_nw = '{0}/{1}'.format(self.model_input_folder, 'network.gexf')
self.model_output_folder = '{0}/{1}'.format(self.output_folder, 'Analysis')
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