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Lisp-SNMP				-*- text -*-
Author: Simon Leinen <>

The code in this directory implements the SNMP (version 1) protocol in
Common Lisp.  It provides the following functionality:

* Encoding and decoding a subset of ASN.1 using BER (Basic Encoding
  Rules).  The supported subset is sufficient for SNMPv1.

* Sending SNMP requests (GET, SET or GET-NEXT) to a remote host via
  UDP, and decoding the responses.

* Symbolics Lisp Machine only: supports a large subset of MIB-2 as an
  agent.  Only read access is currently supported.

* NEW: Interoperability with the Silicon Graphics IRIX 5.3 scheme of
  remote sub agents.  You can write a subagent in Lisp that handles a
  MIB subtree.  The IRIX SNMP agent will forward requests for this
  subtree to your code, and will forward your response to the original
  requestor.  You can have multiple such subagents running in the same
  Lisp image.

The code has been tested under CMU Common Lisp 17f and Allegro Common
Lisp (4.2, 4.3, and 5.0) on Silicon Graphics and Sun workstations.
It used to run on Symbolics Lisp Machines running Genera 8.2 as well,
but it's been a long time since I tested that, so I may have broken
something in the meantime.