Commit 6809b832 authored by Jon Harington's avatar Jon Harington

Add new file

parent 7a371865
#pivot selection
hadoop jar pkkn.jar preprocess.ReservoirSelector -conf $conf >>$log
#data partitioning for 2d data
hadoop jar pknn.jar lof.adapt.PivTreePartitioner ${m} -conf $conf >>$log
#data partitioning for multi-dimensional data
#hadoop jar pknn.jar lof.adapt.AvgPartitioner ${m} -conf $conf >>$log
#To update adaptive bound for previously partitioned data
#hadoop jar pknn.jar lof.adapt.AvgUpdateThresh ${m} -conf $conf >>$log
hadoop jar pknn.jar lof.adapt.PkNN_kdist1_Adapt -conf $conf >>$log
#knn 2
hadoop jar pknn.jar lof.adapt.PkNN_kdist2_Adapt -conf $conf >>$log
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