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# TODO: explanation wrt staging/production
# Things worth knowing wrt to the pipelines aas well as the branches / environments:
# Staging:
# - Runs "tests" on all pushes, i.e. it performs a clean(!) install and runs the helm chart tests.
# - If successful, it creates a tarball from the helm chart and uploads that as an artifact.
# - There's no tags, no releases and no pushes to the helm repository.
# Production:
# - Does NOT allow pushes. Create merge requests from staging instead.
# - Merge requests are only allowed to be merged if the staging pipeline did run successfully.
# - Does NOT run any tests (or anything else from staging).
# - Pushes the helm chart to the repository (which is in fact the GitLab built-in container registry).
# - Creates a release: a tag on the branch and a downloadable release (source code tarballs/archives).
# ALWAYS bump the version in chart/Chart.yaml before merging code into PRODUCTION.
# The production pipeline will not run successfully, if the the version has not been bumped.
# This is in order to not overwrite an existing version.
# If you need to replace an existing version for some reason, you MUST first delete the tag on
# the branch (and thus the release in the project) as well as the tag in the container registry.
# Here's the links to delete the two types of tags:
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ type: application
# This is the chart version. This version number should be incremented each time you make changes
# to the chart and its templates, including the app version.
# Versions are expected to follow Semantic Versioning (
version: 0.2.4
version: 0.2.1
# This is the version number of the application being deployed. This version number should be
# incremented each time you make changes to the application. Versions are not expected to
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