Commit a3f854a0 authored by Sandro Mathys's avatar Sandro Mathys
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use CI-provided registry user/password

parent b0d60c65
......@@ -57,7 +57,6 @@ prepare:
# we only have a POSIX compliant shell (busybox ash), no bash - thus the code here is a bit awkward
- missing_vars=""
- test -n "${KUBE_TOKEN}" || missing_vars="${missing_vars} KUBE_TOKEN"
- test -n "${VAULT_PASSWORD}" || missing_vars="${missing_vars} VAULT_PASSWORD"
- if test -n "${missing_vars}"; then echo "Required environment variable(s) not set:${missing_vars} - check CI / CD variables in the project settings" >&2; exit 1; fi;
# apparently ash can't do process substitution, so we have to write this to a file temporarily
......@@ -153,7 +152,7 @@ upload:
- echo "${SHIBBOLETH_SP_HELM_CHART_REGISTRY_TOKEN}" | helm registry login "${CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE}" -u "gitlab-ci-shibboleth-sp-helm-chart" --password-stdin
- echo "${CI_REGISTRY_PASSWORD}" | helm registry login "${CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE}" -u "${CI_REGISTRY_USER}" --password-stdin
- helm chart save "${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/chart" "${CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE}/shibboleth-sp"
- helm chart push "${CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE}/shibboleth-sp:${CI_COMMIT_TAG}"
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