Commit 8c5d000c authored by Sandro Mathys's avatar Sandro Mathys
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adopt ci pipeline to test changes

parent de52a683
......@@ -107,8 +107,8 @@ verify:
interruptible: true
- helm test "${HELM_RELEASE}"
- kubectl --namespace "${NAMESPACE}" --server "${KUBE_APISERVER}" --token="${KUBE_TOKEN}" logs "${HELM_RELEASE}-helm-test-curl" -c "root"
- kubectl --namespace "${NAMESPACE}" --server "${KUBE_APISERVER}" --token="${KUBE_TOKEN}" logs "${HELM_RELEASE}-helm-test-curl" -c "session"
- kubectl --namespace "${NAMESPACE}" --server "${KUBE_APISERVER}" --token="${KUBE_TOKEN}" logs "shibboleth-sp-helm-test-curl" -c "root"
- kubectl --namespace "${NAMESPACE}" --server "${KUBE_APISERVER}" --token="${KUBE_TOKEN}" logs "shibboleth-sp-helm-test-curl" -c "session"
# we always want to perform an install (rather than an upgrade) in order to ensure the pre-install hooks work
# thus we're making extra sure to delete everything
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