Commit 4dc88648 authored by Sandro Mathys's avatar Sandro Mathys
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remove all, but just once

parent a981d73d
......@@ -61,15 +61,10 @@ deploy staging:
- prepare staging
interruptible: true
# just in case
- helm uninstall "${HELM_RELEASE}" 2>&1 || true
- kubectl --namespace "${NAMESPACE}" --server "${KUBE_APISERVER}" --token="${KUBE_TOKEN}" delete secret shibboleth-sp-helm-chart-certs 2>&1 || true
- kubectl --namespace "${NAMESPACE}" --server "${KUBE_APISERVER}" --token="${KUBE_TOKEN}" create secret tls shibboleth-sp-helm-chart-certs --cert="ci/sp-cert.pem" --key="ci/sp-key.pem"
# thanks to --atomic, this command won't just install the chart but also ensure it works
- helm upgrade --install "${HELM_RELEASE}" chart --values="ci/values.yaml" --atomic --debug
- rm -f "ci/sp-key.pem"
verify staging:
......@@ -96,7 +91,11 @@ cleanup staging:
- verify staging
- kubectl delete secret shibboleth-sp-helm-chart-certs
- kubectl --namespace "${NAMESPACE}" --server "${KUBE_APISERVER}" --token="${KUBE_TOKEN}" delete secret shibboleth-sp-helm-chart-certs
- kubectl --namespace "${NAMESPACE}" --server "${KUBE_APISERVER}" --token="${KUBE_TOKEN}" delete secret shibboleth-sp-helm-chart-sealer-keys
- kubectl --namespace "${NAMESPACE}" --server "${KUBE_APISERVER}" --token="${KUBE_TOKEN}" delete job shibboleth-sp-helm-chart-create-sealer-keys
- kubectl --namespace "${NAMESPACE}" --server "${KUBE_APISERVER}" --token="${KUBE_TOKEN}" delete rolebinding shibboleth-sp-helm-chart-sealer-keys-nanny
- kubectl --namespace "${NAMESPACE}" --server "${KUBE_APISERVER}" --token="${KUBE_TOKEN}" delete serviceaccount shibboleth-sp-helm-chart-sealer-keys-nanny
- helm uninstall "${HELM_RELEASE}"
# TODO: only run this in production
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