Commit 2ae58ffb authored by Sandro Mathys's avatar Sandro Mathys
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fix path

parent f42fa0a1
......@@ -49,10 +49,10 @@ prepare staging:
# apparently ash can't do process substitution, so we have to write this to a file temporarily
- echo "${VAULT_PASSWORD}" > ".vault_password"
- ansible-vault view --vault-password-file ".vault_password" "chart/ci/sp-key.pem.vault" > "chart/ci/sp-key.pem"
- ansible-vault view --vault-password-file ".vault_password" "ci/sp-key.pem.vault" > "ci/sp-key.pem"
- kubectl create secret tls shibboleth-sp-helm-chart-certs --cert="ci/sp-cert.pem" --key="ci/sp-key.pem"
# they shouldn't survive the stage anyway, but let's make sure
- rm -f ".vault_password" "chart/ci/sp-key.pem"
- rm -f ".vault_password" "ci/sp-key.pem"
deploy staging:
stage: deploy
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