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Added a new configuration option to provide a default support contact address

Improves fix for #2596
parent 841840a0
......@@ -118,6 +118,13 @@ General Update Instructions:
Specific Update Instructions:
Updates from versions before 1.17.2
A new configuration option $supportContactEmail was introduced to provide
the user a support contact address in case of errors. Please add a line
like the following to the SWITCHwayf configuration file config.php:
$supportContactEmail = ''
Updates from versions before 1.15
The keys of the following languages strings were renamed and should be
adapted in the custom-languages.php file if it exists.
......@@ -125,11 +132,13 @@ Updates from versions before 1.15
- 'about_switch' was renamed to 'about_organisation'
- 'switch_description' was renamed to 'additional_info'
Update from versions before 1.14.3:
The new setting '$metadataLockFile' was introduced in config.php. It allows
configuring the location of the lock file. When the SWITCHwayf is used in a
Windows environment, the path to this file probably has to be adapted.
Update from versions before 1.8:
This version has a slightly different structure than previous versions.
Therefore, it is recommended to start with a clean installation.
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
Version: 1.17.1
Version: 1.17.2
Web site:
......@@ -146,6 +146,9 @@ $federationName = 'SWITCHaai Federation';
// URL to send user to when clicking on federation logo
$federationURL = '';
// Support contact email address
$supportContactEmail = '';
// Use an absolute URL in case you want to use the embedded WAYF
$imageURL = 'https://'.$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']).'/images';
......@@ -6,6 +6,6 @@
<?php echo $message ?>
<?php echo getLocalString('contact_assistance') ?>
<?php echo sprintf(getLocalString('contact_assistance'), $supportContactEmail, $supportContactEmail) ?>
<!-- Error Message: End-->
......@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@ function initConfigOptions(){
global $useLogging;
global $exportPreselectedIdP;
global $federationName;
global $supportContactEmail;
global $federationURL;
global $imageURL;
global $javascriptURL;
......@@ -69,6 +70,7 @@ function initConfigOptions(){
$defaults['exportPreselectedIdP'] = false;
$defaults['federationName'] = 'SWITCHaai Federation';
$defaults['federationURL'] = '';
$defaults['supportContactEmail'] = '';
$defaults['imageURL'] = 'https://'.$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']).'/images';
$defaults['javascriptURL'] = 'https://'.$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']).'/js';
$defaults['cssURL'] = 'https://'.$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']).'/css';
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ $langStrings['en'] = array (
'remember_selection' => 'Remember selection for this web browser session.',
'additional_info' => '<a href="" target="_blank">SWITCH</a> provides innovative, unique internet services for the Swiss universities and internet users.',
'invalid_user_idp' => 'There may be an error in the data you just submitted.<br>The value of your input <tt>\'%s\'</tt> is invalid.<br>Only the following values are allowed:',
'contact_assistance' => 'Please contact <a href=""></a> for assistance.',
'contact_assistance' => 'Please contact <a href="mailto:%s">%s</a> for assistance.',
'no_arguments' => 'No arguments received!',
'arguments_missing' => 'The web server received an invalid query because there are some arguments missing<br>The following arguments were received:',
'valid_request_description' => 'A valid request needs at least the arguments <tt>shire</tt> and <tt>target</tt> with valid values. Optionally the arguments <tt>providerID</tt>, <tt>origin</tt> and <tt>redirect</tt> can be supplied to automtically redirect the web browser to a Home Organisation and to do that automatically for the current web browser session',
......@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@ $langStrings['de'] = array (
'remember_selection' => 'Auswahl f&uuml;r die laufende Webbrowser Sitzung speichern.',
'additional_info' => '<a href="" target="_blank">SWITCH</a> erbringt innovative, einzigartige Internet-Dienstleistungen f&uuml;r die Schweizer Hochschulen und Internetbenutzer.',
'invalid_user_idp' => 'M&ouml;glicherweise sind die &uuml;bermittelten Daten fehlerhaft.<br>Der Wert der Eingabe <tt>\'%s\'</tt> ist ung&uuml;ltig.<br>Es sind ausschliesslich die folgenden Wert erlaubt:',
'contact_assistance' => 'F&uuml;r Unterst&uuml;tzung und Hilfe, kontaktieren Sie bitte <a href=""></a>.',
'contact_assistance' => 'F&uuml;r Unterst&uuml;tzung und Hilfe, kontaktieren Sie bitte <a href="mailto:%s">%s</a>.',
'no_arguments' => 'Keine Argumente erhalten!',
'arguments_missing' => 'Der Webserver hat eine fehlerhafte Anfrage erhalten da einige Argumente in der Anfrage fehlen.<br>Folgende Argumente wurden empfangen:',
'valid_request_description' => 'Eine g&uuml;ltige Anfrage muss mindestens die Argumente <tt>shire</tt> und <tt>target</tt> enthalten. Zus&auml;tzlich k&ouml;nnen die Argumente <tt>providerID</tt>, <tt>origin</tt> und <tt>redirect</tt> benutzt werden um den Webbrowser automatisch an die Home Organisation weiter zu leiten und um sich die ausgew&auml;hlte Home Organisation f&uuml;r l&auml;ngere Zeit zu merken.',
......@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@ $langStrings['fr'] = array (
'remember_selection' => 'Se souvenir de mon choix pour cette session.',
'additional_info' => '<a href="" target="_blank">SWITCH</a> fournit des prestations innovantes et uniques pour les hautes &eacute;coles suisses et les utilisateurs d\'Internet.',
'invalid_user_idp' => 'Une erreur s\'est produite.<br>La valeur de votre donn&eacute;e <tt>\'%s\'</tt> n\'est pas valide.<br>Seules ces valeurs sont admises :',
'contact_assistance' => 'Contactez le support <a href=""></a> si l\'erreur persiste.',
'contact_assistance' => 'Contactez le support <a href="mailto:%s">%s</a> si l\'erreur persiste.',
'no_arguments' => 'Pas de param&egrave;tre re&ccedil;u !',
'arguments_missing' => 'La requ&ecirc;te n\'est pas valide, certains param&egrave;tres sont manquants.<br>Les param&egrave;tres suivants ont &eacute;t&eacute; re&ccedil;us :',
'valid_request_description' => 'Une requ&ecirc;te valide doit contenir au moins les param&egrave;tres <tt>shire</tt> et <tt>target</tt>. Les param&egrave;tres optionnels <tt>providerID</tt>, <tt>origin</tt> et <tt>redirect</tt> peuvent &ecirc;tre utilis&eacute;s pour rediriger automatiquement le navigateur vers une Home Organisation.',
......@@ -166,7 +166,7 @@ $langStrings['it'] = array (
'remember_selection' => 'Ricorda la selezione per questa sessione.',
'additional_info' => '<a href="" target="_blank">SWITCH</a> eroga servizi Internet innovativi e unici per le scuole universitarie svizzere e per gli utenti di Internet.',
'invalid_user_idp' => 'Errore nei parametri pervenuti.<br>Il valore del parametro <tt>\'%s\'</tt> non &#143; valido.<br>Solo i seguenti valori sono ammessi:',
'contact_assistance' => 'Se l\' errore persiste, si prega di contattare <a href=""></a>.',
'contact_assistance' => 'Se l\' errore persiste, si prega di contattare <a href="mailto:%s">%s</a>.',
'no_arguments' => 'Parametri non pervenuti!',
'arguments_missing' => 'La richiesta non &egrave; valida per la mancanza di alcuni parametri. <br>I seguenti parametri sono stati ricevuti:',
'valid_request_description' => 'Una richiesta valida &egrave; deve contenere almeno i parametri <tt>shire</tt> e <tt>target</tt>. I parametri opzionali <tt>providerID</tt>, <tt>origin</tt> e <tt>redirect</tt> possono essere utilizzati per ridirigere automaticamente il browser web verso una Home Organisation.',
......@@ -207,7 +207,7 @@ $langStrings['pt'] = array (
'import_swisssign' => 'A SWITCH recomenda <a href="" target="_blank">a importa&ccedil;&atilde;o do\'SwissSign Root CA Certificate\'</a> no seu browser. Desta forma, o seu browser estabelecer&acute; uma liga&ccedil;&atilde;o segura com os servidores AAI.',
'additional_info' => 'A SWITCH foundation &eacute; uma institui&ccedil;&atilde;o gere e opera a rede de investiga&ccedil;&atilde;o e ensino sui&ccedil;a por forma a garantir conectividade de alto desempenho &agrave; Internet e a redes de I&amp;D globais para o beneficio de uma educa&ccedil;&atilde;o superior na sui&ccedil;a',
'invalid_user_idp' => 'Poder&aacute; existir um erro nos dados que enviou.<br>Os valores enviados <tt>\'%s\'</tt> s&atilde;o inv&aacute;lidos.<br>Apenas os valores seguintes s&atilde;o permitidos:',
'contact_assistance' => 'Contacte <a href=""></a> para assistencia.',
'contact_assistance' => 'Contacte <a href="mailto:%s">%s</a> para assistencia.',
'no_arguments' => 'Nenhum argumento recebido!',
'arguments_missing' => 'O servidor web recebeu uma query inv&acute;lida devido &agrave; falta de alguns argumentos. Foram recebidos os seguintes argumentos:',
'valid_request_description' => 'Um pedido v&acute;lido necessita de pelo menos dos atributos <tt>shire</tt> e <tt>target</tt> com valores v&acute;lidos. Opcionalmente os argumentos <tt>providerID</tt>, <tt>origin</tt> e <tt>redirect</tt> podem ser fornecidos para de uma forma autom&acute;tica redireccionar o browser do utilizador.',
......@@ -189,7 +189,7 @@ function printFooter(){
// Prints an error message
function printError($message){
global $langStrings, $language;
global $langStrings, $language, $supportContactEmail;
// Show Header
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