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......@@ -37,13 +37,15 @@ necessary for such releases.
SWITCHwayf Version History
* Version 1.3 - Release date: XX. XXXXXX 2018
* Version 1.3 - Release date: XX. XXXXXX 2019
- Changed structure of directory and files
Added update-metadata.php for handling metadata.
Code provided by Guillaume Rousse.
- Added code to filter IdPs by entity categories.
Code provided by Michael Simon
- Added Turkish translation provided by M. Uğur Yilmaz
- Added Turkish translation provided by M. Uğur Yilmaz
- Added improved sorting for accented strings.
Code provided by Geoffroy Arnoud
* Version 1.21 - Release date: 19. January 2018
- Allow loading configuration from a path in a
......@@ -283,12 +285,12 @@ found bugs, suggested improvements or contributed code. Have a look at the
version history in order to see the individual contributions. The list is sorted
- Geoffroy Arnoud from RENATER (FR)
- Robert Basch from MIT (US)
- Pavlos Drandakis from University of Athens (GR)
- Nicolas Dunand from Université Lausanne (CH)
- Michael R. Gettes from Internet2 (US)
- Christian Glahn, HTW Chur (CH)
- Chris Philips, Canarie (CA)
- Nuno Gonçalves from FCCN (PT)
- Florent Guilleux from CRU (FR)
- Guillaume Rousse from RENATER (FR)
......@@ -297,6 +299,7 @@ alphabetically.
- Wolgang Lierz from ETH Zurich (CH)
- Takeshi Nishimura NII National Institute of Informatics (JP)
- Lourival Pereira Vieira Neto from RNP (BR)
- Chris Philips, Canarie (CA)
- Martins Purins from Latvijas Universitates (LV)
- Olivier Salaün from RENATER (FR)
- Tom Scavo from Internet2 (US)
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