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Added the return parameter check feature description to the version history

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......@@ -345,6 +345,12 @@ Version History:
1.14 - Added the configuration option wayf_force_remember_for_session to
the Embedded WAYF on request of Wolgang Lierz from ETH Zurich. This
option allows setting the remember for session checkbox to true
- The 'return' parameter of a Discovery Service request can now be
checked using the idp-discovery-protocol extension or using the FQDN
of all the Service Provider's assertion consumer URLs. The latter
alternative is less secure but still offers better security against
phising attacks. Have a look at config.dist.php and the README for
more detailed explanations on these feature.
- Metadata parsing now uses DOM XML for PHP5 instead of Simple XML
- Fixed a minor HTML error in template for Embedded WAYF
- Sorting within categories works now correctly if SAML2 metadata is
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