Commit b02d1ee8 authored by Lukas Haemmerle's avatar Lukas Haemmerle
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Corrected variable name

parent 34ad2cbf
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ var wayf_sp_handlerURL = global.wayf_sp_handlerURL;
var wayf_use_discovery_service = global.wayf_use_discovery_service;
var wayf_use_improved_drop_down_list = global.wayf_use_improved_drop_down_list;
var wayf_disable_remote_idp_logos = global.wayf_disable_remote_idp_logos;
var wayf_enable_entity_matching = global.wayf_enable_entityid_matching;
var wayf_enable_entityid_matching = global.wayf_enable_entityid_matching;
var wayf_use_small_logo = global.wayf_use_small_logo;
var wayf_width = global.wayf_width;
var wayf_height = global.wayf_height;
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