Commit a33dc861 authored by haemmer's avatar haemmer
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Added more meaningful message on hidden IdPs

parent 0610095c
......@@ -199,6 +199,7 @@ closelog();
// Function parseMetadata, parses metadata file and returns Array($IdPs, SPs) or
// Array(false, false) if error occurs while parsing metadata file
function parseMetadata($metadataFile, $defaultLanguage){
global $supportHideFromDiscoveryEntityCategory;
$errorMsg = 'File '.$metadataFile." does not exist";
......@@ -275,7 +276,12 @@ function parseMetadata($metadataFile, $defaultLanguage){
// Output result
$infoMsg = "Successfully parsed metadata file ".$metadataFile. "\n";
$infoMsg .= "Added ".count($metadataIDProviders)." IdPs and ".count($metadataSProviders)." SPs. ".$hiddenIdPs." hidden IdPs were not added.";
$infoMsg .= "Added ".count($metadataIDProviders)." IdPs and ".count($metadataSProviders)." SPs.";
if (!isset($supportHideFromDiscoveryEntityCategory) || $supportHideFromDiscoveryEntityCategory){
$infoMsg .= " ".$hiddenIdPs." hidden IdPs were not added.";
} else {
$infoMsg .= ' Potentially hidden IdPs were also added because $supportHideFromDiscoveryEntityCategory is false.';
if (isRunViaCLI()){
echo $infoMsg."\n";
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