Commit 811db37e authored by haemmer's avatar haemmer
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Added labels to checkboxes on request of a user

parent b423b5f5
......@@ -13,12 +13,12 @@
<input type="submit" name="Select" accesskey="s" tabindex="10" value="<?php echo getLocalString('select_button') ?>" >
<input tabindex="8" type="checkbox" <?php echo $rememberSelectionChecked ?> name="session" value="true">
<span class="warning"><?php echo getLocalString('remember_selection') ?></span><br>
<input tabindex="8" type="checkbox" <?php echo $rememberSelectionChecked ?> name="session" id="rememberForSession" value="true">
<span class="warning"><label for="rememberForSession"><?php echo getLocalString('remember_selection') ?></label></span><br>
<?php if ($showPermanentSetting) : ?>
<!-- Value permanent must be a number which is equivalent to the days the cookie shall be valid -->
<input type="checkbox" tabindex="9" name="permanent" value="100">
<span class="warning"><?php echo getLocalString('permanently_remember_selection') ?></span>
<input type="checkbox" tabindex="9" name="permanent" id="rememberPermanent" value="100">
<span class="warning"><label for="rememberPermanent" /><?php echo getLocalString('permanently_remember_selection') ?></label></span>
<?php endif ?>
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