Commit 4272ba33 authored by haemmer's avatar haemmer
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Logo in Embedded WAYF is only shown if not empty

parent fbc6d04f
......@@ -977,11 +977,16 @@ function getGETArgumentSeparator(url){
writeHTML('<div id="wayf_logo_div" style="float: right;"><a href="$federationURL" target="_blank" style="border:0px">');
// Which size of the logo should we display
var embeddedLogoURL = '';
if (wayf_use_small_logo){
writeHTML('<img id="wayf_logo" src="{$smallLogoURL}" alt="Federation Logo" style="border:0px">')
embeddedLogoURL = "{$smallLogoURL}";
} else {
writeHTML('<img id="wayf_logo" src="{$logoURL}" alt="Federation Logo" style="border:0px">')
embeddedLogoURL = "{$logoURL}";
// Only show logo if it is not empty
if (embeddedLogoURL != ''){
writeHTML('<img id="wayf_logo" src="' + embeddedLogoURL + '" alt="Federation Logo" style="border:0px">');
// Write footer of logo div
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