Commit 33ae0b95 authored by Lukas Haemmerle's avatar Lukas Haemmerle
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Removed unnecessary lock statement

parent 4619e898
......@@ -221,7 +221,7 @@ function parseMetadata($metadataFile, $defaultLanguage){
// Load SAML metadata file, parse it and update
// IDProvider.metadata.php and SProvider.metadata.php files
function regenerateMetadata($metadataFile, $defaultLanguage) {
global $metadataIDPFile, $metadataSPFile, $IDProviders, $SAML2MetaOverLocalConf, $includeLocalConfEntries, $lockFp;
global $metadataIDPFile, $metadataSPFile, $IDProviders, $SAML2MetaOverLocalConf, $includeLocalConfEntries;
// Regenerate $metadataIDPFile.
list($metadataIDProviders, $metadataSProviders) = parseMetadata($metadataFile, $defaultLanguage);
......@@ -241,12 +241,6 @@ function regenerateMetadata($metadataFile, $defaultLanguage) {
dumpFile($metadataSPFile, $metadataSProviders, 'metadataSProviders');
// Release the lock.
if ($lockFp !== false) {
flock($lockFp, LOCK_UN);
// Processes an IDPRoleDescriptor XML node and returns an IDP entry or false if
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