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Add documentation of view for sysUpTime object

Subagents use a specific community string to access the sysUpTime
object in the master agent.
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......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ The representation of a time interval is straight forward, but that of
an absolute point in time, called the `TimeStamp` textual convention
for the `TimeTicks` type is a bit peculiar. It is defined as the
value of the `sysUpTime` object at that point in time, where
`sysUptime` itself counts the time ticks since the SNMP agent was
`sysUpTime` itself counts the time ticks since the SNMP agent was
To simplify the handling of objects of this type, the subagents make
......@@ -203,6 +203,19 @@ These files must be located in the state directory of the `net-snmp`
package, usually `/var/lib/net-snmp` and named like the subagent with
suffix `.conf`, e.g. `interface.conf` and `pseudowire.conf`.
#### Add `snabb` Community to access `sysUpTime`
As explained above, each subagent must query the master agent for the
value of the `sysUpTime` object with the fixed community string
`snabb`. The following configuration in `snmpd.conf` enables this
community to access only `sysUpTime` via `localhost`
view sysUpTime included .
rocommunity snabb -V sysUpTime
rocommunity6 snabb ::1 -V sysUpTime
#### <a name="disable-built-in">Disabling built-in MIBs</a>
The `interface` subagent takes over the complete `interface` and
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