Commit 9ce22579 authored by Linus Nordberg's avatar Linus Nordberg
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2011-04-26 1.6-rc0
2011-04-26 1.6-rc1
Incompatible changes:
- The default shared secret for TLS and DTLS connections change
from "mysecret" to "radsec" as per draft-ietf-radext-radsec-12
This is unreleasead radsecproxy 1.6-rc0.
This is unreleasead radsecproxy 1.6-rc1.
radsecproxy is a generic RADIUS proxy that supports both UDP and TLS
(RadSec) RADIUS transports. There is also experimental support for
AC_INIT(radsecproxy, 1.6-rc0,
AC_INIT(radsecproxy, 1.6-rc1,
......@@ -2,14 +2,14 @@
<refmiscinfo>radsecproxy 1.6-rc0</refmiscinfo>
<refmiscinfo>radsecproxy 1.6-rc1</refmiscinfo>
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