Commit 6fe53399 authored by Linus Nordberg's avatar Linus Nordberg
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Update ChangeLog with the last three bug fixes/ehancements.

Also, in a lame attempt att giving credit for last commit where I
failed at doing that:

  4920ff44 is a patch from Fabian Mauchle.
parent 536fbcd6
2013- 1.6.3
- Threads are allocated with a 32 KB stack rather than what
happens to be the default. Patch by Fabian Mauchle.
- On systems with mallopt(3), freed memory is returned to the
system more aggressively. Patch by Fabian Mauchle.
Bug fixes:
- The duplication cache is purged properly. Patch by Fabian
2012-10-25 1.6.2
Bug fixes (security):
- Fix the issue with verification of clients when using multiple
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