Commit b3e766ce authored by Etienne Dysli Metref's avatar Etienne Dysli Metref 🦉
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Import Jenkinsfile from debian-jenkins-pipeline:cb4c871

Gbp-Dch: Ignore
parent 51fd8dae
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ def checkoutAndBuildPackageInDirectory(srcdir, distribution, architecture, gitPb
if (updateChangelog()) {
gbpIgnore += ' --git-ignore-new'
sh "gbp buildpackage ${gbpIgnore} --git-pbuilder --git-dist=${distribution} --git-arch=${architecture} --git-pbuilder-autoconf --git-pbuilder-options=\"--configfile /data/aai/etc/pbuilder/pbuilderrc.${distribution} ${gitPbuilderOptions}\" -j"
sh "gbp buildpackage ${gbpIgnore} --git-pbuilder --git-dist=${distribution} --git-arch=${architecture} --git-pbuilder-autoconf --git-pbuilder-options=\"--configfile /data/aai/etc/pbuilder/pbuilderrc.${distribution} ${gitPbuilderOptions}\" -j -sa"
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