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Copyright (c) 2018, SWITCH
Copyright (c) 2019, SWITCH
See LICENSE file for details.
......@@ -307,7 +307,7 @@ Kerberos protocol. For example by using mod_auth_kerb.
Configuration file format
Have a look at the file 'IDProvider.conf.php' for an example of the file format
Have a look at the file 'SWITCHwayf/etc/IDProvider.conf.php' for an example of the file format
that is used to configure the list of Identity Provider to display. It's
supposed to be mostly self-explanatory. Basically the file format is PHP code
that defines an array of arrays called $IDProviders.
......@@ -487,20 +487,20 @@ Below is an example of an Apache httpd server configuration
with two different virtual hosts using different
configuration files:
DocumentRoot /usr/share/switchwayf
<Directory /usr/share/switchwayf>
DocumentRoot /usr/share/SWITCHWwayf
<Directory /usr/share/SWITCHWwayf>
Require all granted
DirectoryIndex WAYF
<VirtualHost *:443>
SetEnv SWITCHWAYF_CONFIG=/etc/switchwayf/switch_config.php
SetEnv SWITCHWAYF_CONFIG=/etc/SWITCHWwayf/switch_config.php
<VirtualHost *:443>
SetEnv SWITCHWAYF_CONFIG=/etc/switchwayf/edugain_config.php
SetEnv SWITCHWAYF_CONFIG=/etc/SWITCHWwayf/edugain_config.php
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